Our Students


Age: 20 
Studies: 3rd year Civil Engineering at UP

Reason for studying Engineering…
I chose Civil Engineering is because of the love and passion for infrastructure. South Africa is a developing country and as an aspiring Civil Engineer I would also love to be behind one of the beautiful and unique designs which will built in
the our country. I

BPSF Mentor: Neo Mgiba

What BPSF means to me is helping an individual build a great future for themselves through support, motivation, help and encouragement. BPSF is beautiful selfless souls who decided to invest in a complete stranger’s future because they were able to see the potential, passion and ambition in that

Future plans…
I see myself becoming not only a professional civil engineer but owning a construction company. I would also love to be part of initiatives including the BPSF which help in funding well deserving students and maybe also create my own.


Age: 21
Studies: 3rd Year Accounting Science at University of Witwatersrand

Reason for studying Accounting…
I chose my career path because I was always passionate about problem solving and the notion of holding people and companies (as corporate citizens) accountable for their practices.

BPSF Mentor: Pholoso Masilela

I’m very grateful and honored to be a part of the BPSF as it goes beyond providing funds for us as students but also provides all round support throughout our varsity journey.

Future Plans…
I would like to the use the business knowledge that will I will obtain through qualification as a Chartered Accountant to register and operate a proprietary of my own because I don’t intend to work in corporate my entire career. The nature of this proprietary is yet to be determined however.


Age: 21
Studies: 4th Year LLB at the University of Johannesburg

BPSF Mentor: Bhekisizwe Mkhatshwa

Reason for study law…
I chose to study law because everything that we do or use in our daily lives, even as miniscule as watching TV or walking on the side of the road, is governed by law(s); so my interest grew
out of wanting to know how such things are regulated.

On the BPSF
Words cannot describe how grateful I am towards the BPSF. They have supported me in every way a student can be supported. They are very encouraging and supportive of everything that I do, including my extra-curricular activities. Because of them, I am much wiser with regards to
my career options. I’m very grateful for my mentor Bheki, I could not have asked for a better mentor.He is very
helpful, very understanding and supportive.

Future plans…
As this is my final year, I am planning on pursuing articles for 2019 at a law firm in
Johannesburg so that by at least 2021, I can start practicing as an attorney.


Age: 20 
Studies: 2nd year, Actuarial Science at WITS

Reason for studying Actuarial Science…
I fell in love with mathematics and I love to exercise my mind in solving complex problems.

BPSF Mentor: Mulalo Liphosa

I feel so privileged to be part of BPSF, I love everything about BPSF and I just wish it could grow and help many more students out there.

Future Plans: 
After graduation, I’m planning to continue writing my board exams and then join forces with my best friend in opening our consulting firm. I also plan to be part of BPSF so that I can support other struggling students.