Black Professional Scholarship Fund
First National Bank
Branch code: 256505
Account number: 62436242557
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An individual that makes regular financial contributions to the organisation, is an activepart of a subcomittee and participates in organising functions or events for the BPSF.  Click here to view the membership agreement.


An individual that contributes to the organization on a monthly basis or through a pledge. This individual is invited to functions or events but may not necessarily be involved in organizing them.

The Board

The Board: The board is led by Thuto Motsie (Chairman) and is made up of the heads of the respective sub-committees. The mandate of the board is provided directions and leadership to the respective sub-committees that all play a role in the vision and objectives of BPSF being fulfilled.



This committee has two main functions. The first is providing the mentorship for the beneficiaries of BPSF and the second is running the high school interaction programme and creating awareness on the various careers paths available to high school students. Click here to contact the mentorship team.


Public Relations and Marketing

This committee creates an awareness of the BPSF through events and social media. The committee also communicates within the organization and ensures that members are kept updated at all times. Click here to contact the public relations team.


This is committee has partnered with an organization called Kick Start, the members of this team visit a home called Amazing Grace Orphanage twice a month and tutor and basic Mathematics and English to the high school students at the home. Click here to contact the outreach team.


In order to ensure the sustainability of BPSF, funding from corporates is required. This committee has the main goal of establishing a relationship and sourcing funds from corporates. Click here to contact the funding team.


Treasury’s main responsibility is the financial reporting for the contributions made to the fund and budgeting for funds required on an annual basis. Click here to contact the treasury team