The Black Professionals Scholarship Fund (BPSF) was formed in 2014 as a response to the challenge of a poor education system in South Africa. We are a group of young black professionals who have started a scholarship fund modelled around a stokvel, where, we contribute a nominal amount from our salaries which then goes into funding the tertiary studies of gifted but disadvantaged students on a monthly basis. To date, the BPSF has been able to fund the studies (accommodation and fees) of five students and is looking to fund more. The members of the BPSF also provide mentorship to our students to manage the transition from high school to university. 

Mission Statement

We aim to use the transformative power of education to change the lives of young deserving students, to foster a spirit of active citizenship through the mentorship activities we are engaged in, and to provide a platform for networking and conversations that matter between young professionals.

BPSF Model

Our model works similarly to that of a Stokvel, where members contribute a nominal amount of their income (R300) on a monthly basis. We are also in need of corporate support in the form of funding, infrastructure support, venue hire and inventory costs as this will help our organisation be sustainable.

Executive Leadership